2023 Taiwan Digestive Disease Week|2023 TDDW
September 24-25
NTUH International Convention Center, Taipei, TAIWAN

National Sun Yat-sen University

National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) was initially founded in 1980s for equal distribution of academic resources within Taiwan, locating along Kaohsiung Harbor, adjacent to Mt. Chaishan.

Its geographical features has cradled our academia. The very first College of Marine Science in Taiwan was established here in 1986, fostering students through decades of tides rising and falling.

The university vigorously encourages interdisciplinary sparks between different academic fields to stimulate innovative research topics. It is now organized into 10 colleges, 22 graduate schools, and more than 40 research institutes. Today, NSYSU ranks in the top 200 by ESI in the areas of engineering, mathematics, and information engineering. We are also highly competitive in the fields of communications engineering, electronic commerce, materials science, and optoelectronics.

NSYSU has sister-university agreements with over 250 universities from more than 40 countries around the world. These partnerships prompt student exchange programs, dual degree programs, joint supervision, research collaborations, and joint symposiums. We dedicate to create an internationalized campus where over 1,200 international students come to NSYSU. Additionally, diverse extracurricular activities provides perfect opportunities for both domestic and international students to immerse in valuable cultural exchange experiences.

We hope to continuously nourish youth in Taiwan and around the globe excellent academic resources with ample enthusiasm for humanity. We aim at educating students becoming those who not merely have forward-looking and collaborative mindsets but competence in professional practice.

Venue / Hotel Location Map

飛機 – 高雄小港國際機場
小港國際機場 → 轉乘捷運至西子灣站 → 步行約20分鐘即可抵達。
高鐵 (台北至高雄需1.5小時)
  1. 自左營高鐵站開車約35分鐘即可抵達。
  2. 高鐵左營站可連接高雄捷運,搭乘高雄捷運紅線至美麗島站,轉乘橘線至西子灣站,在2號出口站前搭乘接駁公車「橘1」即可到達中山大學。
搭乘橘線至西子灣站 → 步行約20分鐘即可抵達。
  1. 全日班距15分鐘。
  2. 搭乘至哈瑪星站 → 步行約20分鐘即可抵達。
  1. 橘1A、99、橘1C、橘1B( 假日) 、紅52(高鐵 → 中山) 於中山大學行政大樓站下車即可抵達會場。
  2. 50五福幹線、219A、219B、橘1B(假日)、248於中山大學(隧道口站)下車步行過隧道,即可抵達會場。
自行開車 – 中山高速公路
中山高速公路中正路交流道下,沿中正路接五福路直行到底 → 左轉鼓山路 → 右轉臨海二路直行到底 → 轉哨船街之後直行,即可到達。

Venue Guide

Sun Yat-sen Hall 1F

Building of International Research 1F

Building of International Research 2F

College of Social Sciences (1F~3F)

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