2019 Taiwan Digestive Disease Week|2019 TDDW
September 27-29
Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

Located in Cian-Jhen District of Kaohsiung where is a beautiful and modern metropolis located in southern Taiwan as well as the second largest city of this island. After two years of construction, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, in order to be a green building, except for the reinforced concrete as the foundation, from the ground floor upward, all the structures are made of steel with glass wall producing a light structure which minimizes carbon emission. In addition to the beauty of the construction outside, even shows a special style through the lights at night. The concept of the overall light design makes Kaohsiung Exhibition Center likes a large lantern on the coast, located in the city clearly, become a new landmark in Kaohsiung harbor.

Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, the Site has a convenient overall traffic condition. It spends 15 minutes to drive to the Kaohsiung airport, 10 minutes to Kaohsiung harbor through the highway, and 80 minutes to the Tainan Science Park. In terms of the public transportation, apart from the buses, there are MRT red line, R7 Shi-chia station, and R8 San-duo commercial station at the nearby Chung-Shan road.